Willetton Tee-Ball Club is a subdivision of Willetton Baseball Club (Inc), which is an affiliated club with the Tee-Ball Association of WA (TBAWA), Baseball WA, Softball WA and the South East Metropolitan Softball Association (SEMSA).

Following are a list of frequently asked questions regarding playing tee-ball at Willetton.

What ages can you play tee-ball?

Tee-ball at Willetton is open to players 4 years to 11 years of age.  The club fields teams in the following age groups:

Under 6’s: ages 4 and 5
Under 8’s: ages 6 and 7
Under 9’s: age 8
Under 10’s: age 9
Under 11’s: age 10
Under 12’s: age 11

The ages are based on the child’s age as of 30 June 2023.  Under 6’s must have turned 4 by the start of the season in October 2022.  Note: the final allocation of divisions is subject to change and is dependent upon player numbers.

How does the Under 6’s competition work?

Whilst tee-ball can be started at any age, the Under 6’s competition is specifically formatted as an introduction to skills development.  The Under 6’s season runs as a 10-week competition (October to December), and players do not attend midweek training.  Instead, Saturday morning sessions are run as a combination of skills training and game play, with the focus on fun, encouragement and learning.  Depending on player and volunteer numbers, the competition will either operate as separate teams of 6-8 players, or as a squad.  Parent participation is essential and encouraged!

How many players per team?

Teams usually have 11 or 12 players (except for our Under 6’s – see above).  There are 9 positions on the field each inning, and players have an opportunity to rotate through all positions, including cheering their teammates from the sidelines.

The Club insists on a Player Rotation Policy being applied whereby all players are fairly rotated through both infield and outfield positions as well as taking their turn on the bench.  All players are given equal opportunity to develop skills in all aspects of the game.  No one player is allowed to sit out two consecutive fielding innings.

Can my child be placed in the same team as their friend?

The job of allocating teams is a challenging one!  The Club tries wherever possible, to accommodate requests for children to be placed in the same team as a friend, and asks parents to note such requests on the registration form.  However in the interests of a fair competition, there are a number of other factors (such as age, skill level and years of experience) which are also considered when allocating team lists.  The Club also believes that having contact with different players and coaches from season to season, helps to develop strong team and social skills.  We ask for your understanding on this matter.

What equipment do I need to play tee-ball?

Each player is required to have their own glove, long white socks and a club hat.  The gloves are available to purchase at most sporting stores for around $40.  Club hats are only available from the Club and can be purchased in our online store http://wbcwildcats.square.site.

The Club provides each player with a team shirt for use throughout the season. Playing pants for our junior age groups (Under 6’s, Under 8’s, Under 9’s and Under 10’s) will be provided by the Club.  Playing pants for Under 11’s and Under 12’s are to be provided by the players (white softball or baseball pants).  Uniforms are distributed to players by the Team Manager prior to the first game, and are to be returned to the club (washed) at the end of the season.

All other equipment is provided by the Club and issued to coaches prior to your first game.

How long do games take?

Games last one hour or seven innings (whichever comes first).  Games for Under 8’s and Under 9’s will be played on Saturday mornings, and start at 8:30am, with Coaches generally requiring players to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the game for a warm up. Under 10’s and Under 11’s games will be played on Friday evenings, with games starting at 6:15pm.

Fixturing for the current season is available through the menu.

Where are the games played?

Willetton Tee-Ball teams participate in a home and away season with teams from a number of clubs in the surrounding area.  Games are played at the following locations:

Willetton Wildcats – Willetton Reserve, Apsley Road, Willetton
Yangebup Knights – Aubin Grove Reserve, Camden Boulevard, Aubin Grove
Kardinya Red Sox – Morris Buzacott Reserve, Prescott Drive, Kardinya
Melville Mariners – Marmion Reserve, Marmion Street, Myaree
Please consider the following mud map of diamond locations at the four venues.

When do teams train?

All teams train once a week (with the exception of Under 6’s).  Training sessions are held at Willetton Reserve on Apsley Road, Willetton.  The times and day are at the discretion of the Coach following input from team members.  The discussion regarding training nights occurs at Team Allocation Day – so it’s important to be there!.

Training sessions are held Monday to Wednesday, usually between 4.00pm to 5.00pm or 5.00pm to 6.00pm.  Team training sessions generally commence in the first week in October, but this is also at the discretion of the Coach.

Please consider the following diagram of Willetton Reserve for training diamond locations.

How much does playing tee-ball cost?

The cost for playing Tee-Ball at Willetton in 2022/23 is $140 per player.  The cost is reduced for families who have more than one child playing at the Club – $120 for each child thereafter. 

The Under 6’s age group is a reduced 10-week season, finishing in December 2022.  Registration for Under 6’s is $100 per player.

Please note: the registration fees remain unchanged from last season.

Do members participate in fundraising?

The Willetton Tee-Ball Committee are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for your child/ren to play sport.  Whilst every effort is made to keep running costs at a minimum, there is a continual need to upgrade and replace equipment and uniforms.   

As a result, the Club will hold a compulsory fundraising activity during the season.  This activity will be on a per-family basis and will involve participation in the fundraising activity, or payment of a levy in lieu of participation.

Do you need sponsorship?

Yes! The Willetton Tee-Ball Committee welcome anyone interested in sponsoring our upcoming 2023/24 Season.  More information can be obtained by contacting our Tee-Ball President:

[email protected]

How do players transition to baseball/softball?

Willetton Baseball Club is involved in the WA Baseball Machine Pitch competition, and encourages tee-ball players to participate.  Machine Pitch is a pathway into baseball and softball, for younger players aged 7 to 10 years.  To be eligible, players must have turned 7 years of age by 31 August 2022 and must not have turned 11 by 1st September 2022.

Games are played on a Friday evening from October to February, and include both home and away fixtures (involving travel to other clubs).  In Machine Pitch the ball is “pitched” to the batter via a machine to ensure a steady and consistent flight path to make it easier for the batters to hit the ball.  Fees for Machine pitch, both for standalone players and for combining with tee-ball are available under the registration link in the menu.